Server move stuff -

I'm about to retire from active duty. The server has been up for ages but I want to take down all active services from this machine. This means that a few things will move to other locations and people will need to adjust URL's for some stuff.

The blogs will migrate to espresso, and since I'll keep the 'nl' part pointed to the same website this should not affect anyone - nice.

The torrent-tracker will move to This might impact a lot of people - I'll try to inform everyone asap when things actually get unplugged.

The lunar download area already was removed a while ago. A redirect already got you to the proper location.

Spamcop and SORBS blacklist

It appears that both SpamCop and SORBS are blacklisting part or all of Gmail's outgoing SMTP servers for sending mail to spam traps. This means that effectively gmail users will be deprived of the chance to send their e-mails to our servers, and possibly very large portions of the internet too.

I've done some lookups based on hits on my mailservers and it's pretty bad, feel free to complain to Gmail and spamcop and SORBS about this, as the automated spamtraps from those two groups do not distinguish between traps and lured trap hits - and this is looking very suspicious to me. Someone is trying to screw with gmail.


Xfce server move planning

The Xfce server mocha has been picked up by the shipping agent UPS. This means that it should be delivered tomorrow afternoon to pollux. Thanks to Jasper, perldude and Jean-Francois for donating the required funds to pay for the shipment.

The plan is now to get it hooked up asap and migrate all http services (except anonsvn) to mocha once it is connected and ready. From there on we will slowly migrate services 1 by 1.

New projects

We're happy to see the community is growing; I have just finished setting up two new projects. stormchild (nothing to see yet) is a hybrid ircd fork project aimed to create a more tailored irc daemon. The Xfce project also spawned InstallIt, the sucessor of the old single-file installer. This program is aimed to provide a complete software manager for Xfce programs, goodies, plugins etc. Good luck to you all!

Sponsorship for a new server has sponsored a server for the Xfce project. The new machine, a nice 1U rackmount raid-1 box will be hosted at the University of Namur, Belgium. It will provide the Xfce project with an even more reliable and redundant setup for hosting their project and developers.

Together with the server at Schiphol, the Netherlands, which hosts both lunar-linux and Xfce and some smaller projects, foo-projects is growing out to be a small network of Open Source projects. The new server should be operational before the end of July. Most Xfce developers will not notice the change except for some DNS and layout changes, but they should prove trivial.